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Terms of sale

September 2023

Please read these Terms of Use (“Terms”) before ordering Ceres Tag products on this Site. Registering a customer account or purchasing Ceres Tag products constitutes your agreement to these terms.

user registration

In order to access Tag Data, Customer must create an account through the Animalmonitoring website (Customer Account). You must be 18 years of age or older to create a Customer Account.

account security

You are responsible for choosing a username and password for your Customer Account and for keeping your password secure. You are responsible for all orders and other activities made using your Customer Account username and password (unless Ceres Tag fails to keep your username and password secure) .

3.3 Software solution links

You may link one or more software solutions to your Account by following the instructions on the Ceres Tag website. You must provide Ceres Tag with the information necessary for Ceres Tag to authenticate your account with the affiliated software partner. Software partners cannot access your tag data unless your account is verified.

Order Ceres Tag Products 4.1 Order

Customers can order Ceres Tag products from Ceres Tag's website or authorized distributors. The remainder of this Section 4 applies only to Ceres Tag products ordered from Ceres Tag.

4.2 Ordering Certification Tags

Before ordering Ceres Tags, customers must provide additional identification information requested by Ceres Tag.

4.3 Prices and Payments

(a) Prices for Ceres Tag products are published on the Ceres Tag website. These prices do not include local taxes or shipping costs, which may vary based on your shipping address. Shipping costs and local taxes will be estimated at time of order.

(b) Payment of the price, local taxes and shipping costs is due in full at the time of order.

(c) Tag price includes satellite service for the first three years of the tag's service life. You are responsible for any additional charges of third party international carriers and any fees or taxes imposed by any government agency resulting from your use of the Satellite Service.

4.4 Order processing

(a) Ceres Tag may accept or reject your order. When an order is accepted by Ceres Tag, Ceres Tag will send you an order confirmation email. Customers may not make any changes to their order after it has been accepted by Ceres Tag.

(b) Ceres Tag may notify you that your order is not accepted or has been cancelled. This may be due to Ceres Tag product unavailability, Ceres Tag's inability to ship Ceres Tag products to your selected shipping address, or other reasons. Payments received by Ceres Tag for rejected or canceled orders will be refunded.

4.5 Shipping

(a) Ceres Tag will deliver Ceres Tag Products to the shipping address provided by Customer. Estimated delivery times are provided on the delivery page https://www.cerestag.com/delivery-warranty-returns/ . Delivery may be delayed for reasons beyond Ceres Tag's control.

(b) Customer bears the risk of loss or damage once the Ceres Tag product leaves Ceres Tag's warehouse or factory. Customers can purchase insurance against this risk when ordering Ceres Tag products.

4.6 Ownership

Ownership of Ceres Tag products passes from Ceres Tag to the customer once the products have been paid for.

4.7 Product Warranty

(a) Ceres Tag warrants Ceres Tag products to be free from defects in materials for a period of 12 months (Warranty Period) from the date of delivery (Warranty). However, for tags, the warranty period ends once the tag is applied to the animal. The warranty does not cover satellite service or defects resulting from:

(i) Ceres Tag Products have not been applied, installed, used, operated or maintained in accordance with instructions and policies provided by Ceres Tag;

(ii) any modification, repair or other work is performed by anyone other than Ceres Tag or a person authorized by Ceres Tag;

(iii) Ceres Tag products are used with unauthorized or incompatible products;

(iv) the Ceres Tag Product is used outside of the Permitted Use outlined in Clause 5.1;

(v) abuse or abuse;

(vi) any action or treatment of the animal that results in loss or injury;

(vii) environmental conditions exceeding the parameters for which the Product was designed and manufactured;

(viii) transportation that requires insurance from the carrier; or

(ix) Data usage

(b) If a Ceres Tag product breaches the warranty during the warranty period, Customer may contact Ceres Tag and Ceres Tag will arrange to repair or replace (if necessary) the Ceres Tag product at no charge to Customer. I will do it.

(c) The benefits provided to Customer under this warranty are in addition to any other rights and remedies Customer may have under applicable consumer protection laws in relation to Ceres Tag products. For Australian customers, Ceres Tag products are subject to warranties that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law (further explained in clause 9).