About the monitoring system

This service is an all-in-one solution for monitoring location information, activity level, and device temperature transmitted from cerestags attached to livestock. cerestag allows data to be sent directly from the tag to low earth orbit (LEO) satellites and monitored from the software without the need for relay equipment.

In this service, the location information of the farm (facilities such as pastures and drinking fountains) is set on the map, and alerts that notify the location information of the registered animal's individual identification number, behavior history, and abnormal activity (fencing, theft, etc.) You can check various information related to grazing, such as monitoring of pregnancies, calves, etc. by groups, labels, etc.). In addition, the management screen has functions such as daily report recording and custom alert functions. Please check this out for details.

Comes with 3 years of satellite connectivity based on the average lifespan of the tagged animal. In addition, the battery is a solar panel installed on the tag and can operate for more than 10 years without battery replacement.

CeresRanch can be removed and reused.

CeresTrace and Cereswild are designed to be "one tag, one animal" to reduce the risk of theft and cannot be removed or reapplied to another animal.

The tag comes with 3 years of satellite connectivity.

About the software

Since cow movements are tracked using GPS, you can obtain real-time information such as which cows have moved where and how far. This allows efficient and economical grazing by making use of data when considering optimizing grazing land and adjusting feed and water supplies. It also supports data visualization and analysis. You can easily check data such as cow behavior patterns and health conditions on a cloud-based dashboard. Additionally, it is equipped with an abnormal behavior detection function that utilizes AI technology. This allows for more effective monitoring of cow safety and health.

This software can be viewed using an internet browser.

This system supports Japanese and English.

About introduction

Regarding the equipment and equipment required to implement this system, our system can be operated by installing cerestags that are installed in the ears of grazing cows and our software that runs on the cloud. There is no need for capital investment such as a tower. The tag is equipped with a GPS sensor and can obtain real-time location information of grazing cattle. Additionally, since the tags operate on sunlight, they do not require batteries or other charging equipment. In this way, our system is easy to install and can reduce installation costs.

We will provide installation support from purchasing Cerestag to installation. If you are considering introducing it, please contact us. For first-time users, we have prepared an initial recommended pack that includes an on-site introduction lecture.

The system usage fee is 700 yen (excluding tax) per animal per month. Separate purchase costs for tags and applicators (installation equipment) will be required. Click here for Ceres Tag prices.

about the order

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Shipping and delivery

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Click here for instructions on how to attach tags. We also have recommended packs for first-time users.