Exhibited at Kyushu Agriculture Week in Kumamoto

九州農業Week in 熊本に出展しました

On May 24th, "Kyushu Agriculture Week", one of the largest agricultural business exhibitions in western Japan, was held for the first time at Grand Messe Kumamoto in Kumamoto, and our service was also exhibited.

Kyushu Agriculture Week is a comprehensive agricultural and livestock exhibition that has been held annually in Tokyo and Osaka, but this time it will be held in Kyushu for the first time. Over 300 companies exhibited and the parking lot was full from the first day, with a total of 17,322 visitors over the three days, making it a huge success. It was a more exciting event than expected, and it seems that plans have already been made to hold it next year.

At the exhibition hall, a wide variety of services and products are on display, including agricultural machinery, smart agricultural products, wildlife damage control, 6th industrialization, and livestock materials, and our service ``Animal Monitoring, a GPS ear tag monitoring system for grazing cattle'' is also on display . .

We received many valuable requests and advice from a variety of people from Japan and abroad. We will continue to exhibit at events like this on a regular basis, so we will let you know if we decide to exhibit again.